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A Treasure Box for Toddler

Written by David Heler on . Posted in Uncategorized

Here’s an idea for a “toy” that just matches your toddler’s curiosity.
Start with a cardboard box about 16 inches high or tall enough that she can just reach over the side when she is sitting or kneeling beside it.
Fill the box about half full with folded newspapers so toddler cannot tip the box over by pulling on one side.
Then put four or five small objects on top of the papers in the box.
Some of the objects should be new to her and all of them must be safe for her to handle and play with.
Don’t call attention to the box. Simply leave it in an area where she plays.
Before long, toddler will find the box and look inside to discover the contents.
This box will be her own fun box, a magic source of new things to play with.
When you get new toys, put them in the box so “New” toys may also mean something you’ve made or something safe that might be interesting for a toddler to investigate.
It’s better to use fewer objects at a time and change them more often than to load her up with a confusing variety of things all at once.
This kind of activity encourages toddler to be curious—and teaches her to get into things.
So, in addition, it’s important to take a trip around your living spaces to be sure once again that your house, garage and yard are toddler-proof and safe for this little one’s investigations.

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