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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Company

How does Star-Brite compare to competitors?
The Star-Brite Learning Program provides you with 20 individual activity days, each containing the instructions and curriculum for each day week day. When you download the program, you’ll find your calendar pack, Teacher and Parent Newsletters, and Progress Report forms. This will be followed by Day 1 through Day 20. The Brite-Kids Fun Pack has 5 packages, and includes the same type of material as the Star-Brite Learning Program.

What is the age group for your curriculum?
Our monthly programs have been designed for children ages 3 to 5. However, many of our providers report success presenting the material to “older” two year olds.

What is included in these programs?
Click on the following links to see what you receive:

How do I download the programs?
Once the download item is in your cart, please proceed to check out with PayPal. You must then return to your checkout on to complete your order. If you do not return from PayPal, your order will come back as “canceled’ and you will not receive the necessary email with the program download.

In order for the Star-Brite or Brite-Kids programs to be opened on your computer, you MUST have Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or higher.

The web address to download the reader is:

Once you have installed the correct Adobe Reader, all previous versions of Adobe must be removed from your computer, and your computer must be restarted. This is so that the PDF file does not try to open in an older Adobe Reader.
Save your Star-Brite or Brite-Kids file to your computer.
To read your new file, open Adobe Reader (version 9 or higher), then click on the “Open File” symbol and select the correct Star-Brite or Brite-Kids file (located where you saved it). Open INSIDE the reader.

How much cutting is involved?E002806
There is cutting involved with our programs. We believe the practice of using scissors is important for children! Cutting is a fine motor skill that requires time and practice to develop. When designing the programs we have been careful to ensure the cutting that the children will be doing is appropriate and without difficulty. However, there are some situations that you will need to assist the children.

Do I get instructions?
Yes! Each program includes a Teacher’s Pack which contains daily instructions, calendar displays, and colored flash cards.

What is a teacher pack?
The teacher pack contains the monthly curriculum instructions, calendar displays, and color flash cards. Each monthly program contains a teacher pack.

Does the program repeat itself every year?
No! The Star-Brite Learning program is based on a three-year rotation. We understand the need to continue to keep our material fresh with innovative ideas and activities. Therefore, we continue to change the programs to ensure the children are learning and having fun.

Who wrote and developed the program?
The program has been written by a number of different educators over the past seven years. All of these individuals have been teaching in the public school systems for many years. Because of confidentiality concerns, these names cannot be released. Our current curriculum developer, has a master degree and seven years’ experience in developing preschool curriculum. Our program manager has been involved with early education for over 20 years. Both individuals are careful to maintain their education and training in order to provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

How many years has Star-Brite been in business?
Star-Brite Learning Program has been providing educational programs to providers since 1995.

Why don’t you include a music tape?
We provide a circle time song/rhyme sheet in your program each month. This is in addition to the songs and rhymes that are part of the daily activities. We believe that as a provider, you can purchase music CD’s, or tapes, at a cost more competitive than us. It is important to have a variety of different music for the children to interact with and listen to.

How do I place an order?
You may place your order online using our e-mail ordering system.

If you have any questions, or need more information, please call us at 1-888-858-2954.

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