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Integrate a Better Daycare Learning Curriculum

From circle time to craft time, our all-inclusive preschool lesson plans include a variety of brightly colored materials appealing to children between the ages of 3 and 5. You don’t have to scour multiple stores and search the internet to find the best educational resources—our early-childhood development experts have done the homework already.

Save valuable money when you order our Star-Brite Curriculum Kit. Each month we provide 20 daily lesson plans, step-by-step instructions, and all of the worksheets for that month. Having so many options allows you instinctively delve deeper into the educational topics or themes that interest your preschool class.


Get your students’ attention by highlighting birthdays, holidays, field trips, and classroom events on the monthly calendar, complete with date shapes and festive decorations. With our full-color Weather Character hanging on the wall, the forecast for the school year will undoubtedly include fun—especially when combined with seasonal songs from our circle time song sheet. Kids won’t even realize that they are learning healthy habits, manners, or phonics. Our Star-Brite Curriculum Kit also comes with colorful number and letter flash cards with accompanying activities.


Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. We include a daily calendar of events with an age-appropriate reading list to keep kids motivated at home. A four-page newsletter and plenty of take-home activities encourage education anytime, anywhere.


Our comprehensive preschool education lesson plan also contains a monthly progress report for each child and certificates of completion. Celebrating small accomplishments instills a sense of success in children and promotes a long-term love of learning.

Try Our Program for Free with a One-Day Sample

This is a one-day sample (taken from our October Programs) you can use to evaluate if the Star-Brite Learning Program will meet your requirements for a preschool curriculum program.

For instructions and required materials, please download the following content:

“Letter F” Day from October

  1. Teachers Guide & Instructions
  2. Flashcard O-64
  3. Letter F Worksheet O-65
  4. Fish Bowl Activity
  5. Duck Pattern Activity & Craft Paper O-67
  6. Making Two Flowers Activity

Disclaimer: The sample program listed above is only a part of a more comprehensive curriculum available through the Star-Brite Learning Program. You may use this sample only for personal use; it is not to be duplicated or reproduced without the written approval from the Star-Brite Learning Program.

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