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School Readiness

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Here are some suggestions that will lead to good experiences for children before they attend school.

1. Be consistent in your enforcement of rules, but be certain that your rules can be defined, that they are reasonable and enforceable.
Rules in the home help children feel more secure and comfortable when they meet rules in the school and community.

2. Permit children to be wrong, make mistakes and even fail sometimes. Children learn by doing, rather than by absorbing the experiences of others. Making mistakes is one basis for future independence, self-direction and intelligent decision-making.

3. Keep promises. Children develop cause-and-effect relationships when they know that they can anticipate the consequences.

4. Resist the temptation to over-organize or over-structure children’s free time with lessons, sports or other activities.
Children need time to “kick cans,” be leisurely and work through problems with play.

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