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Schedule some “down time” for yourself!

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What parent wouldn’t love to have a day off to enjoy the quiet, enjoy being alone, and enjoy the freedom from chores and schedules?
The effects of pleasant experiences can last for several days and can provide you a new perspective on your role as a parent—energizing you to face your daily life anew.

Here are five ways to relax and get rid of some of the stress of everyday living.
• Don’t have time to read? Borrow a book on tape from the library. Listen to it in the car or while you’re doing chores (on a personal player).
• Simplify your life. Cut back on less-important obligations by saying “no.”
Instead of crowding in activities for your children, engage in simple activities at home—like playing board games, blowing bubbles outside, or playing “tag.”
• Keep something special on hand just for you. If may be favorite cookie, flavored coffee, or fresh fruit. Pamper yourself.
• Get up early one morning a week. Before the family is awake, block off some time to read, pay bills, watch the sunrise, enjoy a cup of coffee, or take a long shower. What a way to start the day!
• Get in touch with an old friend. Call or write and set up a date for lunch or just to talk on the telephone. It’s good to talk about shared experiences and what’s going on in your present life with someone you know well.

Just making a conscious effort to slow down, reduce stress and enjoy the simple things of life can benefit everyone in your household.

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