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How to Help a Child Overcome Fears

Written by David Heler on . Posted in Uncategorized

Preschool children may show a variety of fears, but most of them are “visual” — things they can see — or not see, such as the “bogeyman,” something unknown in the closet, or fear of the dark.

Here are some don’t for handling these fears:
• Don’t criticize or make fun of the child. Fears are a normal part of growing up.
• Don’t shame, force, or pressure a child to confront the feared thing until she is ready.
• Don’t place the blame for the fear — either on yourself or the child.
• Don’t feel it is bad or unnatural for children to have fears.

And some do’s:
• Do respect her fears. Talk to her quietly and use words that are calming and positive.
“Let’s see if I can help you feel better.”
• Examine the fear and try to avoid exposure for a while.
• Do assist her to gradually become accustomed to the feared situation.
• Do realize that the child will outgrow the fears.

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