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Have Confidence!

Written by David Heler on . Posted in Uncategorized

Having confidence in yourself as a parent is easier said than done. It is natural for parents to worry if they are doing all they should for their child. After all, this is the most important job in your life, and no one has prepared you for it.
The advice of “experts” may do more to create confusion and doubt than to help. And parents may not agree with what they learned about being a parent from the way they were treated as a child.
Nevertheless, parents do have within them the necessary resources to help their children grow to be happy, healthy, responsible adults.
Try to remember how it felt to be a child and try to treat your child as you would have liked to have been treated. Be as kind, understanding, patient, and supportive as you can.
You’ll make mistakes—that’s part of being human. But the more relaxed you are about yourself, the more you’ll be able to learn from your mistakes and be the most successful parent you can be!

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