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Hard or Soft? Game

Written by David Heler on . Posted in Uncategorized

Here’s a game that’s easy to put together:
First, collect a variety of objects around the house that are either hard or soft.
Examples: Hard—block, book, toy truck, comb, bar of soap, table, telephone.
Soft—tissue, cotton ball, eraser, scarf, sock, pillow, towel.
First have the players divide the objects into two piles by identifying each one as hard or soft.
Next, to make the task more difficult, put the objects into a bag or box and identify them by feeling only, without looking, and saying whether they’re hard or soft.
Finally, the players can locate and identify a new set of objects to play another round.
The game can be made easier or harder, depending on the objects you choose and the age of the players.

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