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The Daycare/Teacher Provider

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The Daycare/Teacher Provider


To provide excellent  care, to young or old,
You must be born with a heart of gold.
You take on responsibilities families pay you to do,
You are challenged every moment, but
they become part of your family too.

 you feed delicious food them,
 you hold them near.
You teach them manners and STAR BRITE LEARNING songs and wipe their tears.
You had no idea your heart would melt
and you would love them this much.
As they fall asleep, by your loving touch.

Reading toStory-Book Cover them the STAR BRITE STORY BOOKS is my favorite part,
It makes me feel like I’m effecting their mind as much as their heart.
I complain sometimes, about how exhausting it can be,
But I couldn’t imagine, without them, how boring my life would be.

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