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Unwrap Fun with the Preschool Activity Pack from the Brite-Kids Program

Program Description – Downloadable Program

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When you don’t quite need our full preschool learning program, the Brite-Kids Program still delivers what you need to make learning fun! This program offers a preschool activity pack that serves as a pared-down version of our full Star-Brite program. The activities in the program help children learn all of their letters, colors and numbers. The Brite-Kids Fun Pack is now downloadable. When you order this program, you’ll receive 30 monthly learning activities with all instructions and downloadable worksheets included. Each month has a different set of activities and themes. All for just $15  and you can print as many copies as you need to SAVE!!!


In addition to the learning and craft activities, the program also includes:

  • Full color flashcards for each letter with 4 to 5 activities for each
  • Approximately 2 or 3 letters and 1 number each month, as well as several different themes


  • Monthly calendar pack with full-color decorations and date shapes
  • Daily calendar of events with recommended reading list
  • Circle time song sheet with over 10 different songs included in the lesson plans
  • A monthly progress report for each child
  • A monthly two page parent newsletter for each child

Please note: a certificate of clock hours is not included as part of the Brite-Kids Program.

If this program sounds like the right one for you, please feel free to order now. Or, if you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them. Simply call us at (480) 649-4228 today.

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