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Learning Games

Written by David Heler on . Posted in Uncategorized

Fun learning games can teach a variety of skills. Here are two games that can help preschoolers improve observation skills, perceive relationships, and develop language. Both of these games can be played again and again in more complex forms over the next several years.

I Spy
The purpose of this game is to get a child to identify objects from your description of their characteristics.
Select materials for which your child already knows the name: plate, ring, cotton ball, can, comb, and book.
Once you know that your child is familiar with each of these things, tell him: “I’m going to say ‘I spy something’, then I’ll describe an object on the table. I want you to find the object and tell me its name.”
Examples: “I spy something round and hard.” (plate) “I spy something round that you can wear on your finger.” (ring)
As a child’s vocabulary expands, the descriptions can become more complex. For example: “I spy something oval made of brown leather.” (football)

Which Ones Go Together?
The purpose of this game is not only to teach language but also to help the child identify relationships and associations.
Select pairs of household items that have something in common but which also have basic differences: apple and orange; glass and cup; brush and comb; fork and spoon; pen and pencil; glove and mitten.
Then arrange six or more of these pairs of items in haphazard order on the table.
Select one item at a time (for example, the apple) and say: “Find the one that is like this.”
When your child makes the right selection, you can ask: “How are the apple and the orange alike?” Your child may answer: “You can eat both of them.”
Then you can ask: “How are they different?” He may reply: “They taste different.”
If your child has difficulty with either of these two games, you can give him the answers. Later in the game you can return to the item he missed to see if he understood the answer.

When your child has become familiar with the rules of these games, you can allow him to play the role of the adult and choose the items for “I Spy.”
You may need to help him select the pairs of items for “Which Ones Go Together.” Nevertheless, he will have fun seeing if you can answer his questions.

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