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Star-Brite Learning Program or Brite-Kids Fun Pack Download Instructions:
Once the download item is in your cart, please proceed to check out with PayPal. You must then return to your checkout on to complete your order. If you do not return from PayPal, your order will come back as “canceled’ and you will not receive the necessary email with the program download.

In order for the Star-Brite or Brite-Kids programs to be opened on your computer, you MUST have Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or higher.

Click here to download an updated Adobe Reader: Get Adobe Reader 9.0

Once you have installed the correct Adobe Reader, all previous versions of Adobe must be removed from your computer, and your computer must be restarted. This is so that the PDF file does not try to open in an older Adobe Reader.                                     

IMPORTANT: SAVE your Star-Brite or Brite-Kids file to your computer as soon as possible. (Order email links expire after 24 hours. Saving your file ensures you will be able to access your program each day.)
To read your new file, open Adobe Reader (version 9 or higher), then click on the “Open File” symbol and select the correct Star-Brite or Brite-Kids file (located where you saved it). Open INSIDE the reader.

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