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A Visit to the Zoo Snack

Written by David Heler on . Posted in Uncategorized

animal-crackers-8422Here’s a fun activity that combines snacks with information.
You’ll need a box of animal crackers, some graham crackers, honey, cream cheese (at room temperature), and milk.
Mix a little honey with the cream cheese, use the milk to thin the mixture
a bit.
The kids can put a bit of the cream cheese mixture on a graham cracker, then select an animal cracker to stand upright on the graham cracker.

Take turns talking about each animal and answering these questions:
What is it?
What does it like to eat?
Where does it live?
Where does it sleep?
What sounds does it make?
How big (or little) is it?
Have you ever seen a real (live) one?
Would you want one for a pet?
Why or why not?

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